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Discord Bot Hosting

Discord bot hosting with powerful hardware.

choose your desired discord hosting plan.

Ram Disk Space CPU Bandwidth Price
1 GB SSD Storage 3.5 GHz Unlimited $1.00/mo*
2 GB SSD Storage 3.5 GHz Unlimited $2.00/mo*
4 GB SSD Storage 3.5 GHz Unlimited $4.00/mo*
6 GB SSD Storage 3.5GHz Unlimited $6.00/mo*

Why Us?,

Support and Fast.

ReviveHost is dedicated to providing premium software, hardware, and support.


Although we try to provide the best support possible; ReviveHost is unmanaged but we are responsible for our services being accessible and working.
If you have any questions/need help just open a ticket on the Client Page.
ReviveHost provides refunds within 72 hours of purchase if you have an issue.
Any content that is considered illegal is not allowed to be hosted and will be removed. ReviveHost may also remove any servers if they violate our Terms of Service.

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